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How to Properly Remove Bees in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Arizona is a great place to live

Welcome to the Valley of the Sun! Otherwise called Maricopa County or Phoenix AZ. Our county is the third largest county in the nation. We are home to some of the largest sports teams such as Arizona Diamondbacks  and the Phoenix Suns. We enjoy sunny days nearly every day of the year and we certainly don't have to deal with snow!
So if you are considering moving here (as many do) you will find great enjoyment with many of our year round activities. If you like to golf you can golf year round! If you like to garden we enjoy nearly a year round gardening season as well. We are one of the few states that you can grow citrus in.

Dealing with Bees in Arizona

We have natural pollinators such as bees. And honestly that is really the only downside I can think that I have experienced in my many years of living in Arizona. There are many, many bees. We are one of the states that also have Africanized bees. Africanized bees can be a major problem because they can be highly aggressive. Hives in other states might have 10 or 12 bees that chase you for 15 feet. But Africanized bees will have 500 chasing you for a mile. They are determined and very scary.

How to get rid of bees in Maricopa County

The best bet is to get bees removed by a professional as soon as you can. But bee hives are declining. We are experiencing a tremendous decline in bees. Beekeepers have reported a nearly fifty percent decrease in their hives each year. If you like to garden that is a real problem. Many of my elderly friends have reported they need to hand pollinate their garden because there are no bees in their neighborhood. Even africanized bees can be useful for that. And actually they are better adapted to survive the heat and more vigorous pollinators.

Use an all natural Bee Keeper

So the best compromise I have found is to use a all natural beekeeper to remove the bees. And I say all natural because they don't use any dangerous pesticides or chemicals. Remember pesticides are toxic to butterflies and other pollinators too. Even your dogs can be affected as well as you may be if your immune system is compromised in any way.

Who To call

Last time we got bees at our house we called a local Phoenix Beekeeper. His name was Derek Abello and he specializes in Bee Removal Phoenix His services were extremely helpful. He came out right away and assessed the situation. He found the problem immediately, the bees had made a hive in my roof eave. He had to remove a few tiles but was able to get right to the bees. There wasn't that much honey or honeycomb built up because I had called right away. He even knew a great repairman so I didn't have to find one that I didn't know or trust. His prices were fair and reasonable and I highly recommend him next time you have a bee problem. Or a bee swarm problem.

Arizona is the Best

But don't let all this bee talk scare you! You will love living in Arizona. As long as you know how to deal with the bees you will be fine. And hey, at least there are not bears running around! I remember seeing a video of bears digging through a trash can behind a bakery. I would much rather call a beekeeper and deal with the bees!

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