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Bee Removal Arizona

Bee Removal in Arizona Should never be by an exterminator, or someone who "offers live bee removal"

Nature in Phoenix, Arizona

Today I would like to talk about getting out in nature. It is not as hard as you think to experience nature in such a big city as Phoenix. There are many great sites for finding nature conservatories in Arizona. If you are an avid birder, like myself, then you will find this link to the Arizona Audubon Society extremely helpful.

The Hassayampa River Preserve

Some places I have visited recently is the Hassayampa River Preserve. They are protected by the Nature Conservancy
It is a beautiful walk in a scrolling path that leads around a large pond. The trees are beautiful and very shady. We planned a picnic. The walk is several miles but easy for any age. The weather feels cooler since it is outside of Phoenix. There are many rare and native birds to observe. When we were there the river was closed off to visit due to quicksand! I didn't even know there was quicksand in Arizona! Very scary but glad they are looking out for us residents.

The White Tank Mountain Range

Another place we visited was the White Tank mountains. If there is enough rain there are waterfalls there. And lots of Indian hieroglyphics. The children you bring can hike it easily and will love it.

The Phoenix Mountain Preserve

The Phoenix Mountain preserve is quite incredible too. Right in the middle of the city, not far from the 51 freeway, there is preserved wilderness. Mountains to climb and all of Arizona desert to experience. We even heard coyotes! There are wildflowers in the spring and plenty of bees.

When to Hike in Phoenix, AZ

There are just tons of trails for those who love to hike. And they are all over the valley. You can hike every weekend and never experience it all. My favorite time to hike is in the spring because of all the desert wildflowers. In the summer when it gets too hot we will often hike up north to escape the heat.

Bee Removal Phoenix
Bee Removal Phoenix

I guess I haven't mentioned it is hot yet have I! I told you I would tell you the whole truth! It is certainly hot in the summer but thankfully everywhere you go there is air conditioning and pools in every city backyard. Or very nearly! I find myself quite comfortable. You can either hike up north or hike early in the morning in Phoenix.


Be careful of bee activity in warm weather

But be careful, when the weather gets warm that is definitely when the bee activity increases. We went on a hike and ran into a saguaro cactus that had a hole in it from a family of owls. The owls were long gone for who knows what reason but in their place was a bee hive! The bees were not aggressive but it was still unsafe for all hikers because it was so close to the trail. We called up our trusty friend Derek who owns, Abello Bees, and is our Bee Removal Phoenix Free Specialist. He and his team came out right away and removed the bees. They were able to remove the hive without destroying the saguaro cactus. I have been since and the saguaro cactus still stands, in all its glory. Just much safer now for travelers to enjoy.
Until next time!

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